Behind the Science is a photoblog and Facebook page that showcases research at the frontiers of science to stimulate public interest, and humanizes scientists by sharing stories about life outside the lab. Each post combines intriguing interview excerpts with candid portraits that put a face to the research. When presented in this format, inspired by Humans of New York, scientific ideas seem to resonate with people of all backgrounds.

Nine months since its launch, Behind the Science has accumulated over 40,000 followers, with 1,000 new followers every week, and has been viewed by a quarter million people worldwide. This summer, we’re expanding the operation to universities nationwide by establishing local teams of scientifically literate interviewers and photographers.

Ultimately, our goal is to inspire a culture that views science not as an ivory tower enterprise, but as a global project accessible to anyone, and we’re looking for candidates who are motivated by this educational philosophy. All positions are unpaid. 



  • Prepare for Interview

    • Research life and background of interviewee

    • Acquire basic understanding of relevant research

    • Compile list of questions

  • Host Interviews with Scientists (30-45 minutes)

    • Record audio

    • Conduct at least 1 interview/month

  • Transcribe Interviews

    • Highlight most intriguing and moving excerpts

The Ideal Candidate:

  • Current student/alumnus of university where interviews are hosted
  • Scientifically Literate
    • Can quickly process new information
    • Thinks critically and skeptically
    • Possesses basic understanding of central sciences
  • Articulate
    • Speaks clearly and concisely
    • Asks open-ended, but pointed questions
    • Can effectively summarize points made by interviewee
  • Friendly/Open-Minded/A Good Listener

Interested? Send the following materials to

  • Statement of Interest (in email body)
  • Resume
  • Writing Sample
  • Anything else that adds to your candidacy